Primary Programme

Grades I to V

The primary school lays the foundation for a student’s early growth and is considered as the most determinative in building a strong foundation. The Laurels World School is keen on providing education which provides strong foundation in core curriculum areas. The program offered by us is such that it fosters a sense of inquisitiveness and idea of exploration and provides exposure to both curricular and co-curricular activities.

The students are equipped with the Study skills which enable them to organize and take in new information, retain information, or deal with assessments. We ensure that the student is guided in way it helps to develop communication skills of comprehensive reading, writing and speaking which helps the student to respond in a more efficient way. Factoring in the current scenario the usage of information and communication technology is taught in a lucid way. Student actively participate in community service from early classes to inflame in them the needs of the community. In a nutshell the program is designed prioritizing the child’s futuristic growth.