About School

Laurels World School foster the innate potential of each student in an inspiring and stimulating learning environment, cultural diversity and social responsibility to become responsible citizens with local and global concerns. We create an enabling learning environment integrating with compassion, humility and conduct for our students and welcoming environment for parents to actively engage in the wards learning.

Laurels World School is a pioneering K-12 co-educational hub. We have a vision to put in place a well-synchronized system that is ground-breaking in the field of education. We wish to deliver the best in education and are driven by a dynamic team which always endeavor to incorporate the latest educational practices. The pedagogy is based on best world class practices and special emphasis is laid on co-curricular activities providing student necessary skills for self-development.


This age group is playing their way to greater independence, socio-emotional growth and self.


Children in this classroom are working on forging social skills through collaboration.


Outdoor learning and tending to our school garden is a big part of our day.