Pre Primary Programme

Nursery to Sr. Kg

The Laurels School offers guidance to the kids for developing early learning and problem-solving skills, laying the foundation to a more structured approach. We support the kids to develop “number sense,” an intuitive feeling for the actual amount associated with a given number. They are encouraged to write at least a sentences and solve-problems on daily basis.

This is followed by conceptual learning which develops in a child the qualities of exploration and discovery in an environment which is pleasurable and conducive for learning while ensuring the safety of your kids. The teachers are entrusted to ensure that kids effectively learn the usage of language and encourage student to express themselves. They are encouraged to participate and learn through activities like jokes, riddles, story-telling, games, art and craft, music, role-playing, as their cognitive and language skills develop dramatically during these years. We ensure smooth transition of the kids from pre-primary to next stage of education.