Chairman's Message

Mr. Mahesh Patidar

We, at Laurels world school, focus on broadening the outlook of our children. Education at our school is broadly based on experiential learning. From tech-based classroom learning to physical education and various curricular and co-curricular activities, an environment for complete mental and physical growth is provided by us. We do not believe in confining them to their classrooms but take them out to discover the world intrinsically and extrinsically which will make them observers and self-learners. Of course, our expert teachers always catalyze their learning process.

Our sublime infrastructures, innovative approaches towards education, adept workforce, i.e. our teachers and other staff members, come together to create an institution for our students where they can grow, learn, and live. “Children are the future of our nation” with this thought, we aim at carving a bright future for our children and consecutively, for our nation.